Offset’s Fans Blast Google For Using A Bloodied Photo Of Him From His Car Accident As Main Image When You’re Searching For His Age

A new challenge is floating around Twitter these days, and it involves googling Offset’s age. It seems that if you do this, the screen brings up something quite frightening: the photo of Offset with a bloody mouth displayed by his date of birth.

This is the photo from his recent car accident since the wrecking of his Dodge Challenger back on May 16.

It’s not very clear what is the reason for which the search engine decided to immortalize the hospital visit that Offset had to make back then and display it to whoever is curious to find out his age.

Fans are outraged that Google is disrespecting a Migos member: ‘Yall go look up “offset age” on google and tell me google ain’t petty af,’ and, ‘I typed offset age in Google & they trying my boy.’

Meanwhile, those with a darker sense of humor are getting a good laugh over the picture.

‘Bruh… you wanna damn die laughing? Google ‘Offset’s Age’ and look at the pic they’re using,’ one user wrote.

In other news, Offset has been discussing with Cardi B the subject of showing their daughter, Kulture to the world.

Hollywood Life recently claimed that the rappers don’t really agree with one another on what is the best course of action.

As fans know all too well, despite the fact that Cardi gave birth to Kulture six weeks ago, there haven’t been any pics of the baby’s face shared on social media.

Try typing ‘Offset age’ for yourself to see the result.

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